actor portfolio

Actor Portfolio

Hi Guys!

Before Thanksgiving break I was working on the post production for some pictures I took of the actress, Jeanne Lauren Smith. Outside of my career as a VFX artist and filmmaker, I enjoy taking photos - mostly with 35mm film. For this particular shooting, I was asked to take portfolio style photos. This was an exciting job for me because I have been wanting to experiment with this type of photography for some time. Working on an actor portfolio is not an easy task, and there are certain rules you must follow. With that in mind, I wanted to combine the typical characteristics of a portfolio style photo with my own personal style to create something unique and functional for an actor. By incorporating my own personal style, I am able to create a unique and professional product, different than the typical actor portfolio. The idea is to provide the client with a solid headshot, full and half body photos and some vintage style shots. 

If you are interested in this type of actor portfolio, know of actors that may be interested or have any questions please feel free to contact me at: 

Here a the gallery of the shots. Looking forward to hearing from you all!