Seattle FilmWorks expired in 2001

Hi Guys :) ! 

A few months ago I bought 20 film rolls of the 'Seattle Filmworks expired in 2001'. I began experimenting with the film over the last months. I hope you enjoy the photo gallery!


Wishing you all a happy new year! 



Wynwood art district

Hey All,

These past few weeks I was consumed with work. I had the pleasure to work the visual effects for a horror feature film, coming out this July 4th. I finally have the time to catch up on my blog and update you all with photos from my trip to Miami in April. This was my first time in Miami and I really enjoyed it. Here are some shots from a Miami neighborhood called 'Wynwood', known for its impressive graffiti art. As usual I shot with 35mm film kodak portra. Enjoy the gallery!


Shades of blue

Hey Guys,

The other day I was watching the new Jennifer Lopez and Ray Liotta show Shades of Blue on NBC and I was so surprised to see that they used the same location I scouted for a short movie a few years ago called Destiny Jones - which also happens to have a similar plot focusing on a female NYC detective. 

The location is a vintage diner on northern blvd, in between Long Island City and Astoria. I am so proud to see that the art director/production designer of Shades of Blue had my same vision. I can only wonder if they have seen the short movie..

Check out the show on NBC. JLo doesn't disappoint :)

Destiny Jones, 2014.

Destiny Jones, 2014.

Shades of Blue, NBC 2016.

Shades of Blue, NBC 2016.